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modsE-Cigs was founded years ago by a group of entrepreneurs who are passionate about vaping or smoking cigarettes minus the added health problems. We from e cigs understand the need for people to relax and enjoy a stick of cigarette once in a while; like during an office break or during a stressful day. However, we also understand that not everyone wants to take in the vapour released by a normal stick; this is the reason why we offer our clients with electronic cigarettes. Our electronic cigarette uk manufactured product is considered as one of the best today.

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We understand that selling electronic cigarattes alone will not satisfy our consumers, this is why we also offer a variety of other products such as e-liquid, vaporized products such as Shisha and more. The people behind the innovation of e-cigs know that consumers have different needs and wants, they are also particularly with the flavour and material. This is the reason why we ensure that each product that we offer have passed the regulations does not contain toxic material, made from high quality material and could last for a long period of time. We work only we the best in the field. This means that our stocks of products are also quite a commodity among those who enjoy electronic smoking.

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The E Cig Revolution


E cigs, or electronic cigarettes have come on the scene as a new diversion, similar to regular cigarettes, but not harmful. These devices are constructed in varying shapes and colors, yet the earlier models, and some current models are in the form of a cigarette. Contained within the device is a glycol liquid that is heated and atomized into a vapor. The vapor acts like, and looks like cigarette smoke, and has become a tidal wave of a new fad.

The vapor, being harmless, is a welcome substitute for tobacco smoke, which has been proven to contain killers such as arsenic, cyanide and 200 other chemicals that have been proven to be cancer causing. Over 165,000 people die of lung cancer each year and it is documented that most of these deaths were attributed to smoking tobacco.

Many people have used online ecigs UK as a means of stopping smoking, because they can put nicotine into the e-liquid at varying strengths, and taper it down to nothing. Even if a smoker left the nicotine at a high level, at least that individual is not inhaling the deadly tobacco smoke.

Enticing flavors of choice can also be added to the liquid, making this new fad a delicious one, and one that that will no doubt continue.